We Transgendered Are Accepted by Christ

4 thoughts on “We Transgendered Are Accepted by Christ”

  1. Oh, a religious post, this looks like a good place to point this out:

    So I was on Cathy Brennan’s blog earlier because internet stupidity is like crack to me, & I saw this explanation about her behavior:

    “You think you have no one to check to [God] so you go on your hate rants with no limit.”

    The far simpler explanation is that Brennan is transphobic for the same reasons that many other people are: Irrational disgust, fear, & paranoia, which are reinforced by society at large. I say this because I am an atheist who is…I don’t know if I’d classify myself as “not hateful,” as I hate a lot of things, including infomercials & daddy longlegs, but I’m at least against Cathy.

    See, atheism is not a religion, but a single principle: That there are no deities. Therefore, a variety of people can be atheists–people who believe in reincarnation, gay people, homophobes, naturalists, Buddhists, misanthropes, self-proclaimed psychics, & more. The fact that someone is an atheist doesn’t mean that they will also be spiteful any more than it guarantees that they will also be intelligent.

    I don’t think that the existence of a God is really necessary not to be a candiru. There are other principles that can motivate people, such as science & empathy. Which are the 2 reasons I oppose Cathy. She claims that she believes in “objective reality,” but it seems to me that she determines what this is entirely on the basis of what she thinks is true.

    1. Thanks for the response. I believe in the same lines as you and I dislike that people want to use ideals to blanket their hate that have nothing to do with what they are against.

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