Falling in love

Falling in love is a dangerous feeling. It can make us do weird things that we never thought of or were geared towards doing before. It can change our whole perspective on the world, which in turn can make the world seem that much better or that much worse. It can make our lives seem …


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Somehow in someway I was blessed with the gift of words. I enjoy writing. I enjoy being able to get the thoughts and ideas out of my head into words that others might be able to understand and have some relation to. I enjoy being able to make a picture form from syllables instead of … Continue reading Writing


Some say I am invading you. Others say it isn’t natural. A few make it apparent to try to bar me from your spaces, yet on a daily basis you embrace me with open arms as I travel along beside you. What makes a woman? Is her anatomy? Is it her genetic factors? Her hormonal … Continue reading Womanhood