Why Bruce Jenner, Andreja Pejic and other Trans Celebrities Still Don’t Matter

Recently there have been a number of celebrities that have come out to announce that they define as transgender. For some of them it wasn’t a shocker, for others it was out of the blue or and for a few it was what made them different to stand out as part of their calling cards. … Continue reading Why Bruce Jenner, Andreja Pejic and other Trans Celebrities Still Don’t Matter


Forever more did I want to jump over the hedge to reach the other side. Maybe there was more there. Maybe there was more to be had. I didn’t until now. I only knew that I had one option for this fast paced life to continue and that if they were to come knocking on … Continue reading Lucky


She sat there thinking quietly without words. What would they say? What would they think? She had the power in her hands to make it all happen, but what would come of it? Would it really be worth it in the end? Would it even be significant or would it be all in vain? She … Continue reading Decisions

How She Lost Her Dreams

She sat there quietly, staring out into space. Her imagination rampant with images, dreams and sometimes the replaying of old memories that consisted of television shows, movies and other events that had happened in her life. Everything else was second priority to her and her dreams. Great moments, epic battles and out of this world … Continue reading How She Lost Her Dreams


Sometimes we aren’t who everyone else sees and we have to find a way to get past that person. Life isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. We don’t always get what we want and we don’t always get what we need. We try our hardest at attempting to get a life that … Continue reading Obstacles


Somehow in someway I was blessed with the gift of words. I enjoy writing. I enjoy being able to get the thoughts and ideas out of my head into words that others might be able to understand and have some relation to. I enjoy being able to make a picture form from syllables instead of … Continue reading Writing