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  1. Hi Maya. I don’t know if you and your wife go to the movies…but a film called Laurence Anyways is coming out and in it the couple is going through transition. Thought it might be a fun way for your wife to think about how to embrace this? You all are so young. Everything is possible for you two in my book.

    Nice blog in between.. xoxo

    1. Wow thanks! I really appreciate that. I know she tries really hard to keep the relationship with me and we are young, so hope she grows with me. It is just hard for her when she planned out her life thinking it was going to be one way and then that whole world goes topsy turvy. Also thank you for the movie suggestion. We are probably going to go see it. 🙂

      1. It’s lovely how you two love each other. And I know what you’re saying, and as we grow, changes occur that challenge the original deal — in life. I think very few couples avoid that, though one might have a big problem with the change and lie for a bit.

        Still people who really love one another have the best chance (thinking of you two).

        Anyway, yes go see it. It was EXCELLENT. Though 3 hours. =)

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